Experience the romance of French, learning the inspiration of Seine River, combine the luxury with classic into the product. Seine series adopts the elegant, bright shapes, like the flowing of seine rivers, to present the romantic of tenderness.
Wendland Jazz series carries the luxury and the fashion of traditional nobility experience, the prospect of its products like the sunshine surrounded by the cloud.
The design inspiration of sexy and gorgeous for Victoria series came from the nature curve long hair on the beauty. Fall in love with the feeling of gorgeous in its rational.
Rhine River gives the feelings of the contradiction, delicate but forthright, meditation but obstinate, militant but passionate, rational but romantic. The inspiration for the Rhine series originates from the variety of charming. The graceful cup curve,
Austria has a long-standing history of music; every detail in Austria presents the happiness of note. Its music was filled by pastoral poetry like the fifth season on the earth. Danube series represents the music resonate, which echoed and lasting.