Choose one Idelita stemware, fill 1/4 or 1/3 of glass with wine.


Hold the stem and see the color,clarity,viscosity and bubbles against a bright and white background.


First smell the wine before swirling, this is a good time to catch a preliminary sniff of the wine so you can compare its fragrance after swirling.

Then swirl the stemware,this will release the less volatile aromas. Smell the wine immediately after swirl. for young wine, the aroma is fruity and flowery. For aged wine, smell of spices,wood,leather and etc.



Take a sip of wine and let it linger in your mouth. Roll the wine around in your mouth, exposing it to all of your taste buds. Pay attention to the flavors,texture and other tactile sensations such as the sense of weight or body (the wine feels physical).

Chew the wine and take some air with your lips to taste the tannin. Please clean your mouth with some water if you want to taste more wines.

Note the aftertaste of the wine, 60 second or longer flavor as an aftertaste is a good sign of quality.